Client Relationships are the heartbeat of our firm, propelling us forward each day with a singular mission – to serve as your financial and life stewards, engaging in collaboration and making your goals and success our relentless pursuit.

Our commitment to this mission manifests in the unwavering standard of care we uphold, ensuring that every client experiences consistent, high-quality service and communication.

While operating as a fiduciary forms the bedrock of our approach, we view this as a starting point.  We strive to exceed your expectations by providing a concierge-style experience typically associated with the highest echelons of wealth.


Affluent individuals and families often describe their lives as a dynamic tapestry of commitment, hard work, and the pursuit of enduring legacies.

Whether as architects of their wealth or custodians of a family heritage, our clients deftly balance careers, family, and personal life, often while embracing a deep responsibility to their community. Amidst demanding schedules and multifaceted responsibilities, we provide a dedicated partnership that extends beyond conventional financial services. As they navigate the delicate equilibrium of personal, professional, and societal commitments, we aspire to serve as trusted stewards on their journey towards holistic well-being and lasting legacies.


Entrepreneurs and business executives lead lives characterized by relentless ambition, dynamic challenges, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence.  Their days are often a complex interplay between steering their enterprises, making strategic decisions, and balancing personal and family obligations.  Often, their compensation is intricately tied to illiquid business interests or concentrated stock holdings. At Resnick Wealth Alliance, we recognize the unique demands of these visionary individuals, and understand their distinctive financial landscapes. Our tailored services are crafted to seamlessly integrate with the fast-paced nature of their lives. Through collaboration with our Alliance Partners, we can assist in optimizing strategies for illiquid assets, developing comprehensive financial plans, and offering guidance on managing concentrated stock positions.  We strive to unlock the full potential of their wealth, empowering them to navigate the unpredictability of their business ventures and the intricacies of personal financial goals with confidence.


Life is a journey of constant change, marked by various transitions.  Whether it’s navigating shifts in marital status, grappling with a profound loss, embarking on a new professional chapter, retiring from a long career, or welcoming a new family member, transitions can be stressful and challenging.  However, with the right team of advisors by your side, these moments can be navigated with confidence and resilience.

Whether you’re facing the complexities of grief, divorce, relocation, or a change in family or career status, we understand that each life transition is unique.  Our team at RWA, along with our Alliance Partners are here to provide personalized support, offering a steady hand and strategic guidance to help you navigate through these changes.  Beyond the numbers, we focus on the human side of transitions, ensuring that you not only preserve your financial well-being but also find emotional strength during these transformative moments.


Foundations and charitable organizations bear the noble responsibility of driving positive societal change, and their efforts often come with a distinct set of responsibilities and challenges. As they dedicate themselves to impactful causes, our team at Resnick Wealth Alliance operates behind the scenes, diligently working to grow and safeguard the assets that underpin their mission. In addition to managing financial portfolios, we actively assist in the review and implementation of investment policies, customizing strategies to enhance risk-adjusted outcomes. Our dedication extends to providing guidance on board and trustee governance, ensuring ethical standards and strategic financial decisions align with their objectives. Through this seamless integration of support into their philanthropic pursuits, we aspire to be trusted partners, enabling these organizations to focus on their vital causes while we manage the intricacies of financial stewardship.




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